~ el pasajero ~ No 1 Travel Refill

fresh – silky – floral-transparent

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El pasajero* is brilliant – a true gem of a fragrance. This luxurious perfume is an expression of style and pure elegance, whatever the occasion. A discreet interplay of cool and silky notes creates an aura of mystery.”
Ursula Lengling
*Spanish: the traveler


"Shining diamond"

Fucus absolute, ambergris, hedione, galbanum, transparent aquatic notes


"Silky magnolia"

magnolia, vanilla absolute, osmanthus absolute, benzoin, musk

Let me tell you a tale of that night in the Andalusian mountains. It was as tranquil as a quiet lake.

Sparkling like a diamond; so wild yet so serene. I could still feel the afterglow on my skin as my eyes drank in the breath-taking beauty of the starlit sky. Listening to conversations about the bigger picture I contemplated the fragrance embracing my body, swayed by the perfection of the moment. I wanted to hold on to the feeling and keep it forever, yet I knew that it could only be perfect if I allowed it to pass. I’m a permanent passenger on a journey to discover moments that defy words. Moments whose beauty is translated into longing the very second, we become aware of them.

I’m nomadic and restless. I am transient. Yet if I didn’t exist there would be no moment.

I am el pasajero.

Application & ingredients

Application: Please spray only on healthy skin and not in the eyes. Protect from heat and direct sunlight.
Attention: Easily breakable! Use only with deluxe case.

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