Munich's first perfume house

Maison LENGLING is an exclusive perfume house from Munich, which aims to create not only fine fragrances, but also authentic works of art of the highest quality and with great attention to detail.

The family business was founded in 2014 by the married couple Ursula and Christian Lengling. Since then, LENGLING has made a name for itself as a successful and internationally sought-after brand in the exclusive luxury perfume and skincare segment.

LENGLING combines emotion with perfection. Inspired by personal memories, moments and encounters, Ursula Lengling takes 2 to 3 years for each new perfume creation to transform them into olfactory masterpieces. LENGLING uses only the finest ingredients from all over the world with a clear focus on precious natural raw materials, provided they come from environmentally friendly cultivation. Whether precious vanilla from Madagascar or Arabian jasmine from Egypt, each oil is hand-picked and processed with the utmost care.


Inspired by the exciting contrasts in their own lives, Ursula and Christian Lengling developed a unique dual fragrance concept. Every perfume from LENGLING is based on two contrasting notes – LENG and LING – derived from the family name. Dark leather notes meet sweet cotton candy, smoky nuances meet aquatic freshness – wild and gentle at the same time. These two contrasting accords play surprisingly harmoniously with each other throughout the fragrance, uniting and complementing each other on the skin in perfect balance.

Attention to detail

LENGLING pays great attention to every detail. One example is the iconic “Isarkiesel”, the precious metal cap that adorns every bottle. It is an exact replica of a pebble from the Isar river in Munich and thus a personal homage to this city. Each one is polished by hand.

Flagship Store

In summer 2021, LENGLING opened its first flagship store in the heart of
Munich. Experience and discover the world of LENGLING with all your senses in our
Parfum Boutique at the cathedral.

“It is feelings that touch us, that determine how valuable moments become for our lives. Capturing these in our perfumes and making them everlasting is and remains our passion.”
Ursula & Christian Lengling