Made in Bavaria

Our promise

Ursula and Christian Lengling vouch with their name for the very highest quality of their exclusive perfume and care compositions. The family-owned company is aware of its responsibility and is committed to transparency and sustainable standards.

  • We protect the environment through our local production to the highest standards and by preferring to work with regional suppliers.
  • When sourcing our natural raw materials, we pay international attention to resource-conserving and environmentally friendly cultivation.
  • All formulations are 100% vegan.
  • Our Namui body care range is “clean”. Even without microplastics, silicones, parabens, mineral oils, essential perfume oils, artificial colorants and PEG, we guarantee high performance and sensual care moments.
  • Our office building is climate-neutral.
  • Social commitment is very important to us.
  • We are not yet perfect, but we are constantly working to become even better.