~ wunderwind ~

No 9


The midday sky is drenched in honey-toned light and a salty breeze permeates my sweet mood.

Feeling recharged, I twirl among the powerful pines, which majestically break through to the heavens and enchant me as the shade enchants the light.

I dive into a sea of bliss. I am intoxicated by the silence of the sea bed and a warm sense of well-being envelops my heart. The lightness of vitality is a pure and clear as my thoughts.

Let it all go and fly free. Wunderwind.

This bold yet sensual composition is as wonderfully invigorating as a walk in a shady grove of pine trees. The fresh, spicy fragrance of the needles and Mediterranean herbs is perfectly combined with the warm breeze blown across from the nearby sea. Honey and soft musk will caress your soul and awaken its vitality...


“Shady pine tree grove”

Pine needles absolue, honey, rosemary, thyme absolue, resiny incense


“Sunny sea”

Sea breeze tones, floral ozone notes, lemon, musk, watermelon

Wunderwind wins Duftstars 2018

The German Perfume award “Duftstars” is the Oscar of the beauty business in Germany. Organized by the Fragrance Foundation, it is a glamourous event that takes place every year in a German metropolis. 250 experts of the industry, trade and media secretly elect the winning perfumes from different categories under legal supervision. In 2018 wunderwind No 9 won the award for best artistic independent perfume.

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