~ skrik ~

No 2


The crimson sun dips below the horizon and disappears into the ocean. I am dry, so I dance in the rain for a while.

I stare at the naked branches of sleeping trees, their leaves long-since sacrificed to the winter. Agitated by the noise of the silent nights I see the clock hand moving in perpetual circles. Like an athlete on a cinder track unable to find the finishing line.

I’m already screaming, but nobody hears me. I fall silent, immersed in my own soundlessness, and search in vain for a source of strength within my core. I decide to let myself go and embrace that powerful yet soft inner scream.

I can hear it. Only I. And it calms me.

It smiles at me. I smile back.

Inspired by feelings for a world famous painting, this expressionist fragrance is defined by stark contrasts and nordic clarity. Skrik, the scream, will arouse you then comfort you with soft notes of vanilla to create a fragrant work of art for the soul.


“Raw cedar”

Iso-e-super, hedion, petitgrain, sandalwood


“Soft vanilla”

Vanilla, lavandin grosso, tonka bean, musk

Available as


50 ml

Travel Set

Deluxe Case with 4 x 8 ml

Travel Refill Set

3 x 8 ml