~ sekushi ~

No 7


Wrapped in the sweet coat of innocence, the night is already aware of the fire blazing below the surface.

Candyfloss on my lips and subtlety on my tongue, the secret of the night lies hidden inside me and I turn and see my counterpart, who looks strikingly similar to me. The mirror captures a few alluring glances as I face the fire within me and feel excitement tingling along the nape of my neck.

I let the games begin.

The night belongs to me. And chance – I am the mistress of chance.

Who am I? I am. Sekushi.

Sophisticated, seductively sweet fruits play a secretive game with dark leather...
creating a fanciful and provocatively erotic fragrance.



Leather, patchouli, olibanum, musk


“Fruity sugar”

Candyfloss, raspberry, apricot, muguet

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