Luxury Body Cream - softly scented for your soul

Lush green nourishes my soul
The path so wild, infinitely free
I am completely beguiled by the sound of the senses
And all everyday life passes by

An oasis of preciousness
penetrates silky shimmering my skin. Caresses me
with the glow of fulfillment and caresses my body
with the bud of happiness.

Namui - touches me.

"Namui transports us to a distant oasis of relaxation, a luxurious spa nestled in the lush green of the tropical forest. Wild orchids and exotic woods blend exceedingly sensually with the fine spicy-soft scent of precious oils on my skin. Namui - composed to touch."

Ursula Lengling


„Exotic wilderness“

Exotic woods, orchid, jasmine,
green cardamom, pink pepper


„Gentle touch“

Vanille, Tonka, Cocos,
Amber, Powdery Musk

Namui not only pampers the soul with a particularly sensual fragrance,

It is an intensive anti-aging treatment and provides the skin with quick and long-lasting moisture and important nutrients.
Light as a soufflé and quickly absorbed, yet particularly rich and deeply effective.

Innovative formulation

Delays aging of the skin
and is rich in anti-oxidants,
vitamins B and C.

Regenerates the skin and provides it with
calcium and zinc.

Vitalizes, moisturizes and
is rich in minerals and trace elements.

These natural ingredients are optimally complemented by other proven active ingredients, such as:
Cocoa butter - Panthenol - Hyaluron - Beta-carotene - Vitamin E

Naturally without:
Silicones - Parabens - Microplastics - Mineral oils - Artificial colors - Essential oils - PEG - Sulfates

The result:
Even the first application makes the skin radiant and gives it a silky soft texture.

Namui Luxury Body Cream wins Prix De Beauté Switzerland 2022

Zurich, August 24, 2022 - LENGLING MUNICH was awarded the Prix de Beauté at a festive ceremony held by the Swiss lifestyle magazine Annabelle. With their Namui Luxury Body Cream, founders Ursula and Christian Lengling were able to impress the expert jury from the fields of dermatology and cosmetics in the body care category and bring the coveted prize to Munich.

"With Namui, we entered the body care segment for the first time last year and are delighted that we, as a Munich perfume house, have now been able to convince the Swiss jury of our care expertise competence." Ursula Lengling, Creative DirectorNamui Luxury Body Cream gewinnt Prix De Beauté Schweiz 2022

Namui nourishes the skin with precious ingredients,
leaves a silky glow and provides - pure or in combination with our perfumes -
for a very special fragrance experience.

Scientifically proven effectiveness

Compared to untreated skin, Namui increases skin hydration:
- after 4 hrs. by + 59 %
- after 8 hours by + 29
- nach 24 Std. um + 11 %

Independent Scientific Study (in vivo testing on 30 volunteers).

Available in a noble glass jar
with precious closure made of solid,
European walnut wood.

200 ml