Make way for Figolo

With distinctive confidence

Eloquent speech and nonchalance

Collar up with strength anew

Perhaps the question hides the clue

Sparks flash brightly - leave me dazed

Clear yet fine in a cloud of haze 

"We’ve drawn our inspiration from people, and those individuals who have caught our attention with their special aura. The new perfume is a collage of these characters, paying tribute to their charisma and poise. A radiant, unique fragrance portrait where memories and fantasy intertwine."

Ursula Lengling

Figolo is fascinating, a personality with a special aura that is charming and dominant at the same time. This charismatic perfume portrait fuses fresh spearmint and sensual floral notes with powerful patchouli and fine notes of tobacco. A characteristic scent exuding sex appeal and cool nonchalance that few can rival…



Spearmint, aldehyde, ylang ylang, hedione, musk



Patchouli, cedar wood, tobacco absolue, cypriol, leather

“The symbol for Figolo's charismatic presence is our new, unique Isar pebble, which glows from within in the darkness. No two stones are alike, making each pebble one of a kind.”

Christian Lengling

Available as


50 ml