~ el pasajero ~

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Let me tell you a tale of that night in the Andalusian mountains. It was as tranquil as a quiet lake.

Sparkling like a diamond; so wild yet so serene. I could still feel the afterglow on my skin as my eyes drank in the breath-taking beauty of the starlit sky. Listening to conversations about the bigger picture I contemplated the fragrance embracing my body, swayed by the perfection of the moment. I wanted to hold on to the feeling and keep it forever, yet I knew that it could only be perfect if I allowed it to pass. I’m a permanent passenger on a journey to discover moments that defy words. Moments whose beauty is translated into longing the very second we become aware of them.

I’m nomadic and restless. I am transient. Yet if I didn’t exist there would be no moment.

I am el pasajero.

A scent as resplendent as the glittering stars on a clear summer night in the Andalusian mountains. Silky magnolia softens the intensity, giving this stunningly elegant scented jewel its soft, feminine side.


“Brilliant diamond”

Fucus absolue, ambra,hedion, galbanum, transparent aquatic notes


“Silky magnolia”

Magnolia, vanilla, osmanthus absolue, benzoin

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