~ apéro ~

No 8


The heat of the day comes to a close and the evening draws us in with a frisson of excitement.

In joyful anticipation, I slip into a freshness that feels like a beautiful beaded dress and exude a sophisticated sensuality dripping with elegance and grandeur. The sun radiates one last fiery glow before handing the spotlight over to me. Noticing the scent of summer, the evening greets my serene presence. I stretch out, revel in my lightness of being and allow myself to be swept away by it...

I arise and raise my glass.

To a sparkling evening!

apéro whisks us away on a blissful journey south to enjoy the magical evening mood with a glass of delicious cuvée. Elegant Chardonnay, fresh citrus notes and mimosa give this sumptuous fragrance its sparkling signature. This is combined in the finest balance with the heat of the night…


"Sparkling cuvée"

Chardonnay, lime, petitgrain, mimosa absolue


"Summer night"

Heliotrope, tonka bean, cashmeran, musk, oud

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