~ à la carte ~

No 6


The good life holds open the door for me and I enter all too willingly.

I am greeted by a vision of indulgence, passion and decadence, inviting me to take my seat at the laden table. I bow to pleasure as it pushes out all reason and steals it away. I’m entranced by the sweet heaviness of the atmosphere. It’s opulent and rotund, as if no-one could ever prevent it from revelling in the here and now.

The preciousness of life appears perfect to me as I indulge myself in this moment of nonchalance.

À la carte – nothing less is good enough today.

This acutely sensuous scent is a revelation with fine gourmand notes and an arresting opulence. Just a fleeting hint or absolute surrender to fatal indulgence?


“Fatal oud“

Oud, sandalwood Australia, styrax, olibanum


“Sugary delicacies“

Pistachio, toffee, pink pepper, vanilla, benzoin, heliotrope

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50 ml

Travel Set

Deluxe Case with 4 x 8 ml

Travel Refill Set

3 x 8 ml