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August 2022

LENGLING MUNICH is awarded the Annabelle Prix de Beauté with Namui Luxury Body Cream

March 2022

2014 gründeten Ursula und Christian Lengling Münchens erstes Parfumhaus LENGLING MUNICH. Damit erfüllte sich das Paar den lange gehegten Wunsch, eigene Parfums auf höchstem Niveau zu kreieren.
LENGLING MUNICH Parfum Boutique - Discover perfumes from Munich with all your senses.

October 2021

Ursula and Christian Lengling manage the first Munich perfume house. What makes a good perfume? How is the development going? And what should you consider when giving a gift? A conversation about luxurious fragrances.
Discovery the story behind Munich's first perfume house.
The international plattform for Artistic Perfumes essencional.com, which is directly related to Esxence fair in Milan published an interview with Ursula & Christian Lengling about luxury perfumes,  family business and about how it all started.