"We are moved by feelings. They define the precious moments in our lives. To capture these feelings and immortalise them in authentic perfumes is and always will be our passion."

Munich's first Perfume House

In 2014 the perfume house LENGLING MUNICH was founded by Ursula and Christian Lengling – it is the first in Munich's history. The couple, who had long been familiar with the world of luxury perfumes, both professionally and privately, thus fulfilled a common dream. Since then, they have been running their family business with great passion. Ursula is responsible for the creative direction. As a couple and partners, they complement each other perfectly and with their name they vouch for the very highest quality of their exclusive perfume creations.

"Only in finding the ideal balance can we achieve a feeling of perfection. This is true of love and in life, and should also be true of the perfumes we wear. That’s why contrasts play a leading role during their composition."
Ursula Lengling

Each one of our fragrances is characterised by the two contrasting notes of LENG and LING. Raw cedar combined with soft vanilla, dark leather notes mixed with candyfloss, refreshing and warm or wild yet gentle at the same time – our opulent perfume compositions are all based on two fragrant notes that contrast and complement each other. Exciting and remarkably harmonious, the two notes play off each other as the perfume progresses, merging on the skin to create balanced perfection on a higher plane...

Since 2014, our goal as Munich’s first Perfume House was not only to create elegant scents, but also a complete artwork that achieves uncompromising premium quality in every respect.

A promise that applies to all of the materials we use and the processes they undergo. We are fully committed to using the finest ingredients from around the world, working hand in hand with nature. We are aware of our responsibilities, conscious of sustainability and ensure our formulations are vegan.

Handmade in Munich

The elegant bottles are filled by hand. The labels are made of shiny double-faced satin. Ursula and Christian Lengling put a lot of love into every detail. Nothing was made by accident, everything is authentic. Even the packaging has its own story. Our precious silver cap is inspired by a pebble from the Isar, the river flowing through the heart of Munich. It had been casted out of precious metal. And it was not just any pebble, but a very special one:

A few years ago Ursula and Christian went for a walk at the shore of the Isar like they do very often. All the way they were talking about perfumes and about fulfilling their dream. Christian picked up a pebble that felt like a palm stone and kept it during the rest of the walk. It was fate that the pebble was not thrown out of his pocket like always. It happened to end up on the kitchen table. Later that day, when they saw it lying there, they knew that it would become their lucky charm and the closure of their precious perfume bottles. For the founders its natural beauty together with all its flaws symbolises greatest perfection.

“Our Isar pebble is a personal homage to Munich. Each one is individually polished by Hand.”
Christian Lengling